Ramadan Playdough Kit

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The first ever Ramadan playdough kit is now here! So many ways to play and so much to do! Your little one will want to come back and play with their Ramadan kit over and over again!
Sensory play is so important for children and allows them to learn so much about the world around them in a hands on, fun and interactive way! Sensory play encourages use of all of the senses and fosters the use of fine motor skills and cognitive development. Ramadan Playdough Kits are great to use at home or even on the go because of the compact to go box.

Ramadan Playdough Kit includes the following*:
• 3 jars of Homemade Playdough
• Peg dolls
• Wood Masjid
• Wood Moons
• Gems
• Pom Poms
• Glitter Pipe
• Paper straws
• Gold Coins
• Fanoos/Lantern
• Rolling pin
• Star wands
• Camels
• Star dough cutter
• Divided box

Items may vary slightly from kit to kit and will not exactly match the pictures.
Playdough will last up to 6 months if stored in an airtight container or bag.

WARNING: This kit contains small parts and is not suitable for children under the age of 3. An adult should supervise play at all times.